David Lammy

David Lammy is the seven-time elected Member of Parliament for Tottenham and was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Justice in April 2020. In recent years, David has fought for justice on behalf of the Windrush Generation, applied pressure on the Government to compensate the victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire and exposed racial bias within the British criminal justice system. David is the author of two books, Out of the Ashes, 2011, and Tribes, 2020

“I am incredibly proud to be Patron of Haringey Play Association. The Somerford Grove Adventure Playground is an oasis in the concrete jungle, run by immensely passionate and committed people. I know what it is like to grow up in a small home, without much space to play, and know how thrilled I’d have been to be able to go to a place like Somerford Grove. Adventurous and explorative play is so important for building confidence and social skills, and there will be thousands of happier and healthier children as a result of this wonderful organisation and the place they have built.”

David Lammy, 2021