Pagie Vakanda


I was born & raised in Tottenham. I graduated from Middlesex university in 2021, where I studied Criminology (Youth Justice). From the moment I stepped foot into the adventure playground I knew I wanted to make a difference to the young people. I discovered the adventure playground at the age of 12 and from that day onwards I couldn’t stay away. I attended the sisterhood project regularly and went on to access all the other projects.  Through attending all the play sessions, I was able to have a clear vision of what I aspired to be. I grew close with the staff, especially Sereena who helped me through different challenges as a young person. I took part in various training offered to me at the time such as peer mentoring, which had an impact on my relationship with the younger girls when volunteering. I was then offered the opportunity to apply to be a Playworker. I went on to work on all the other play/youth sessions, until I became a Deputy Playworker. I also had the opportunity to work at The Markfield Project, where I was able to gain experience working with children with disabilities and challenging behaviour.