Our Ethos

“There’s no other playground like this in the whole world”

(child aged 8)

Our adventure playground is full of exciting climbing structures, jumping-off platforms, swings and slides. There’s something for all ages – from the impressively high treehouse to the little boat and sandpit.

What makes adventure playgrounds special is the fact that they’re built with the children themselves who are free to adapt it however they please. Our structures are totally unique and ever changing based on the needs and ideas of the children.

One of the most important things you’ll find in an adventure playground is ‘loose parts’

These are any everyday object which can be played with in a multitude of different ways, for example tyres, buckets, sparkly fabrics and rope. A child’s imagination might transform a cardboard box into a spaceship, a stick into a sword, or bottle lids into mermaid treasure.

Taking Risks

Risk taking in play is vital for children’s development -,they can face their fears, problem solve, figure out their limits and how to keep themselves safe and become resilient and empowered. Research shows that fewer accidents occur at adventure playgrounds compared to regular playgrounds! 

You might see children building fires, using axes to chop firewood, leaping off the top of structures onto crash mats, using tools to repair structures, playfighting or pushing each other around in shopping trolleys. 

But it's not just about risky physical play.

Children play in all sorts of ways so we ensure there are opportunities for all of these at the playground. A child may choose to spend their time here sitting doing arts and crafts, simply hanging out chatting with friends, cosied up reading in a den or quietly engaged in a solitary imaginary game.

The Playwork Approach

Adventure playgrounds are staffed by Playworkers. Children should have the freedom to make their own choices so it is not a Playworker’s role to direct play or instruct children, but to ensure they have an inspiring space in which to play. 

We only intervene if necessary for a child’s safety and expect any adult visiting the playground to do the same, Children are able to get as messy as they like (so don’t send them in their best clothes!). 

Children are given the space to settle everyday disputes amongst themselves – we understand that they are navigating relationships and learning how to interact with each other.


We believe in the ‘3 frees’

This means that: 

  • A play space should be free to access.
  • children should be free to choose what they want to do.
  • Children should be free to come and go as they please. 

We are an open access playground so while we are responsible for your children when they are at the playground, have all the relevant training and are committed to safeguarding every child in our care, we also respect the children’s right to decide when they want to leave. Therefore we shouldn’t be used as a childcare service. 

Please read the information pack for parents before you register your child and check out what’s on – some sessions are open to all ages and parents, some just for children 6 or older, or for girls only.