Sianead Crawford


I discovered Somerford Grove Adventure Playground about 9 years ago whilst looking for a space to bring my children to play, I was blown away by the magical energy of the space and the community vibe . I started bringing my children here on a regular basis and whilst they played I would help out as a volunteer, I became attached to the place and a new found interest in Playwork. I went on to do my play training and then applied for the sisterhood Playworker position. The rest is history. I have gone on to become a Senior Playworker/ Sisterhood project leader here and also the Senior/ playground manager of Homerton Grove Adventure playground in Hackney. I am passionate about play and have presented at the national Playwork conference in Eastbourne on a couple of occasions. I am all about play and still cant believe I have one of the best jobs ever. I also have a real interest in outdoor learning, bushcraft, upcycling and the arts.