Family Sessions

Adventure Play for all ages - even toddlers!

This is a chance for younger children to experience the adventure playground space alongside the older children and for parents and carers to see what goes on here! All ages welcome (children under 6 must be supervised by their adult).

Maybe you want to bring your toddler, or maybe you feel your older child isn’t yet ready to be at the playground without you, so coming to the family session can build their confidence and familiarity with the space. This is the children’s space so we ask adults to respect their freedom and not intervene in their play unnecessarily.

We have a sandpit with toys, water play and messy arts and crafts which the little ones particularly enjoy. So come along and say hi – our playworkers are always happy to chat about play!

“My kids treat this place like a second home and I feel the same. The staff help me with food and when I have problems, they help. It’s fun and safe.”

(parent of children aged 6yrs, 9yrs & 11yrs)