About Haringey Play Association

Haringey Play Association wants every child & young person to have high quality, cost effective and accessible play opportunities and care services which are monitored and evaluated.

HarPA recognises that play is an essential part of the education, development and welfare of children. We are committed to improving the quality of the play experience wherever it occurs: on the streets, in play-schemes, play centres, after school clubs, parks, housing estates, in leisure facilities, on residential holidays and camping trips, in schools and hospitals.

HarPA creates and supports play opportunities that are stimulating and challenging. We are committed to playing our full part in protecting children & young people from injury, bullying and abuse.

HarPA ensures equality of access to play so that no child is denied play opportunities because of inability to pay fees, failure to include children & young people with disabilities, children & young people with health problems, or children & young people from new communities.

We support positive transitions at every stage of children & young people’s development to help enhance their life chances.

To achieve these aims we explore new ways of working in partnership with play service providers, including Haringey Council, other statutory agencies and community, voluntary organisations and private sector. We attempt to link up with a wide range of existing networks to improve information sharing, coordination of services and to maximise the impact of available skills and expertise.

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